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From Peloponnese to your table

Our history

High Quality

I left school when I was very young.
My father needed extra hands to work in the fields.
It was a common thing to do at the time. Since then, I have focused all my attention on olives and oil.
My father used to say "Our olive oil has an acidity of 0.1%. one of the lowest worldwide."
At the time, I did not understand the importance of this data but I knew well that he was telling me a very important thing. Over the years, I have improved my knowledge of olive trees and extra-virgin olive oil. Nowadays, young people come to me for advice on growing olives. Now, I realise the importance of data for the quality of our oil. And I say to my sons and grandchildren,
"People need to know about our extra-virgin olive oil.
It is the best in the world". 
I'm glad that this is happening.


In the heart of ancient Messenia, in the Peloponnese region of Greece, for generations the Galanis family has been producing extra-virgin olive oil that bears its name. In this generous land, olive trees have been grown since the time of King Nestor, the famous hero of the Iliad, exactly since 1200 BC. The Galanis grandfathers said, "our oil is the best it exists", and "…it has the lowest acidity of all"vand "our oil is like a medicine". In fact, in our families, oil has always been used not only in cooking but also for enjoying raw. It was also used to heal conditions such as ear infections, sunburn and various forms of dermatitis. Our fathers were farmers and were renowned for their love for the land and their care of plants. Their priorities were to protect trees against diseases, ensure that flowers became fruit and ward off flies and pests using natural methods without the excessive use of pesticides. Constant care, the quality of the soil, the hot dry climate of the Peloponnese and traditional growing, harvesting and crushing methods all ensure that the oil produced is of superior quality. This means: low acidity and a large amount of polyphenols, known for their therapeutic properties.

The mission today

'You must make sure that the world knows our oil,' said our fathers and mothers. And we are doing precisely that.  It is not only a question of cuisine but also of culture. On the Linear B tablets (Greek script of the Bronze Age) excavated in Pylos, "ΠΑΣΟΙ ΘΕΟΙ ΕΛΑΙΩΝ" was written, which means olive oil dedicated to all the gods.
This is why we love this oil and want you to love it too.
Our olive trees, including several centuries-old ones, are constantly inspected, pruned and nourished but not irrigated in order to ensure that their roots search for nutritious water directly from the ground.
In this way, olives acquire their excellent flavour.
Our land, which has belonged to our family for at least four generations, is cultivated using an ancient and sustainable method, using only herbicides and fertilizers that are strictly necessary and with much respect for the environment and biodiversity.
Every year, our product obtains Certification of sustainable agriculture from the Greek FOOD STANDARDS agency.

Its bright emerald green colour gives hope for the future, its fragrance of citrus fruits calms the spirit and its delicate pungent flavour gives the strength to win.